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Bahasa Indonesia Version below

This post is so random!I usually post either about food or travelling, but now I’d like to share to all of you the new taiwanese drama in 2016that called REFRESH MAN. It has been aired for 1,5 months. You have to watch this kind of drama because the actor and actress are so damn good! Who doesn’t know Aaron Yan, huh? He is so damn popular since he’s still collaborate with Fahrenheit. I bet all of you have already known that Fahrenheit was one of the most popular boyband group in Taiwan. It consisted of 4 people, Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, and Wu Chun. I used to love them when I was in elementary school (if I’m not mistaken the time). About the last 2 months ago, I found that there’s a Taiwanese Drama which the main lead is Aaron Yan. First, I search all of the information about that drama and Aaron. Umm… Aaron Yan is damn hot now, he looks more mature than he used to be! Well, eventho it’s already reach 7 episode this week, I will review the whole story. So enjoy! Continue reading “REVIEW NEW TAIWANESE DRAMA in 2016 : REFRESH MAN”