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This post is so random!I usually post either about food or travelling, but now I’d like to share to all of you the new taiwanese drama in 2016that called REFRESH MAN. It has been aired for 1,5 months. You have to watch this kind of drama because the actor and actress are so damn good! Who doesn’t know Aaron Yan, huh? He is so damn popular since he’s still collaborate with Fahrenheit. I bet all of you have already known that Fahrenheit was one of the most popular boyband group in Taiwan. It consisted of 4 people, Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, and Wu Chun. I used to love them when I was in elementary school (if I’m not mistaken the time). About the last 2 months ago, I found that there’s a Taiwanese Drama which the main lead is Aaron Yan. First, I search all of the information about that drama and Aaron. Umm… Aaron Yan is damn hot now, he looks more mature than he used to be! Well, eventho it’s already reach 7 episode this week, I will review the whole story. So enjoy!


First,the main male lead is Aarefresh-man-160310-4ron Yan. The cutest, most handsome, and naugthy guys on his role. He plays as Ji Wen Kai, the CEO of Muse Company. He actually has affair with his best friend. But, he never confess his feeling toward that girl until he meet again with that girl and the situation has changed at all.




Second, the main woman lead is Joanne Tseng. She is very beautiful and smart. She knows everything about her job. She never give up on anything quickly. She plays as Zhu Yu Tang and also Ji Wen Kai’s best friend. She was a chief secretary at Muse Company, but right after Ji Wen Kai take control as a new CEO, she has been transferred to Sales 3 where the darkest place ever at that company, I mean people who’s in it are hopeless,careless people.



So basically, this drama is really good. But unfortunately, only one episode per week, aired on Sunday. I do not have this channel on my tv, so i watch on viki when english subtitle’s out on next Tuesday.

So this is the overall plot:

As a CEO, Ji Wen Kai has a power to order Yu Tang to do everything. He moved Yu Tang to Sales Team 3. Sales Team 3 never felt that Yu Tang’s there with them. They didn’t work properly as a sales team at the company. Until the biggest problem came! Their product called Mei Mei Soap that has been known over 20 years will be dismissed at market. There’re ups and down toward sales team 3. They should find a new company that want to placed Mei Mei Soap at shop. More over, Ji Wen Kai always put Yu Tang in a difficult situation, Yu Tang never give up easily and keep working hard for it.

On the lastest episode (episode 7) there’s a fortune teller said that Ji Wen Kai and Zho Yu Tang will have their first kiss immediatelly. If I’m not mistake, they will kiss in one month! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SCENE! I saw the preview for the next episode, i bet they will kiss on the next episode. (go watch this drama by yourselves) it’s enough for me to share the spoiler of this drama.

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There is also romance in this drama. I suggest you all my reader to watch this Taiwan Drama “REFRESH MAN” right now! It’s not boring at all. I hope you will like it after watch it.

sources from viki and google.

Helo Sahabat Liburan Banget

Kali ini saya mau membahas tentang Taiwan Drama yang saya tonton akhir-akhir ini berjudul Refresh Man. Drama ini seru, lucu, dan dijamin tidak akan membosankan. Plotnya bagus serta pemain aktor dan aktris yang memang juga sudah terkenal. Kalian tentu tahu kan Aaron Yan dan Joanne Tseng?? Saya sih lebih mengenal Aaron Yan karena dulu suka banget sama grup Fahrenheit.

Jadi ceritanya, si Aaron Yan alias di dramanya bernama Ji Wen Kai ini menjabat menjadi CEO baru di Muse Company. Nah Joanne Tseng si Zho Yu Tang itu duluan Chief Secretary di perusahaan tersebut. Akhirnya, dia dipindahkan oleh Ji Wen Kai ke divisi Sales 3 yang dimana tempat ruangannya suram, orang-orangnya suram, pokoknya suram deh semua. Kerjaannya tidur, makan, skype, ga jelas gitu. Tapi namanya juga Zho Yu Tang tidak akan pernah menyerah dan tetap mau semangat bekerja serta harus bisa ambil hati orang-orang yang menetap di Sales 3. Hingga suatu hari, produk yang dibangga-banggakan yaitu Mei Mei Soap harus dicabut di salah satu toko gitu deh pokoknya. Wah semua kaget dong bingung harus ngapain sampai jual-jualin di jalanan biar orang-orang mau beli. Namun, banyak juga yang meremehkan produk kuno ini yang sudah 20 tahun silam lamanya.

Terjadi juga situasi percintaan yang rumit antara Ji Wen Kai dengan Zho Yu Tang yang naik turun. Dimana si Ji Wen Kai ternyata dari SMA dulu sudah naksir berat dengan Yu Tang, tapi tidak bisa memberanikan diri untuk menyatakan perasaannya. Hmm..menarik nih, nonton ya makanya!

Cukup spoilernya, bagi kalian yang penasaran saya sarankan nonton di Myasiantv atau Viki ya. Mereka biasa langsung update keluarin english subtitle.


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